Responsible Planning

As a former member of the City's Planning Commission, my role was to review land use and zoning matters and ensure that they were consistent with our Comprehensive Plan. Our community is in the midst of updating and rewriting its Comprehensive Plan. This update is needed and if elected I will keep this process moving and work hard to engage as many City residents in the process. 

The City of Fairfax continues to be at a pivotal time in its growth with a number of redevelopment projects in the pipeline. The Comprehensive Plan needs to serve as our main guide. It will lead us to make the right decisions. Responsible planning today yields good growth tomorrow.  We need to plan responsibly to move forward and maintain a safe, vibrant, close-knit community for all.

Civic Engagement & Transparency

I will bring transparency and integrity by insisting on accountability in decision-making and will work with residents, community leaders and staff to do what is best for the City of Fairfax.

Community Stewardship

I care deeply about the City of Fairfax.  It is a wonderful place my family calls home.

Since moving here in 2010, I have continuously looked for ways to use my skills and knowledge to contribute and give back to the community that warmly welcomed us. And, if elected, I will continue to use my role on the City Council to be a good steward to our great City.  I will support and work with our City's schools, parks, local police, fire, emergency responders, and public works.


The City of Fairfax's foundation is all those things and we need to continue our legacy of collaborative leaders being good stewards of its resources.  

Environmental Sustainability

The City must become 'greener.' We have a responsibility to the generations to come to create an environmentally sustainable place to live, work and play.  

Our Comp Plan lays out an aggressive set of initiatives by 2035. We must stay on task to see annual goals are set and achieved.    

Paid for and Authorized by Jennifer Passey for City Council

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